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Web 3.0 – What’s all the fuzz about? It´s really the “next web”?

The ubiquitous connection of mobile devices adopts broadband mobile Internet access open technology, open data format, open identity, open reputation, identity and portable roaming identity, Web intelligent technology, semantic technology, such as OWL, RDF, SPARQL, SWRL intelligent application, automatic Reasoning and natural language in progress. Powerful mobile devices with Internet connectivity, embedded intelligence, autonomous identities, […]

Devops For Startups

There are many ways DevOps can help make a startup more stable and scalable. In this article, we’ll talk about why DevOps is such an integral part of success to scale your startup. In this article, you will learn why DevOps practices can help make startups more stable, safer, and save time and money. As […]

Devops & Agile. A match made in heaven

DevOps is a combination of software development and IT operations supported by agile methods. Agile takes a different approach. He is responsible for planning, but strives to evaluate the quality of job opportunities. It is based on the idea of ​​reacting to change. And believe that it meets the needs of customers. Agile DevOps are […]

A Great Devops Culture

Its goal is to shorten the system development lifecycle and ensure a continuous delivery of high quality software. While DevOps is not a cure-all, it can be applied to any part of the IT development lifecycle to foster collaboration and better results. The key is to have a team with the right mindset to help […]

How AI (Artificial Intelligence) it´s changing DevOps

By breaking down silos between business and IT operations, DevOps can deliver consistent levels of performance, efficiency, and service delivery — factors that play a role in these times of heightened uncertainty. Simply put, DevOps can help companies compete in already congested markets. DevOps improves efficiency by automating software distribution and enables companies to get […]

Devops Roadmap

Let’s go through the stages of the roadmap one by one. You must have a good command of the programming language. It doesn’t matter which one, but you need it to write automation code. Automation is a core part of DevOps. You can learn Python, Java, Ruby, Golang, etc. According to the recommendations of the […]

Artificial intelligence and DevOps. What the future looks like.

Artificial intelligence has brought the world of technology to a new level of automation. Nearly all specializations today require machine learning interventions to develop artificial intelligence technologies that help companies do more with less time and resources. However, some organizations are wondering if AI driving is a good investment. For DevOps, the answer is an […]

What´s Devops as a Service?

DevOps is not an independent technology or framework; it is a set of practices and technologies designed to help companies consistently provide services or products and shorten the software development life cycle. In fact, this is a paradigm that unites the different departments of the company. In most cases, DevOps integrates development and operations (hence […]

Devops As A Service Advantages

DevOps as a service is a toolbox deployment model that facilitates collaboration between the organization’s software development team and operations team. In this delivery model, DevOps as a service provider provides different tools covering different aspects of the entire process and integrates these collaboration tools into a whole. DevOps as a service is the opposite […]

Web APIs and Web3 – Devops

The popularity of blockchain-based applications is growing and underscores the decentralized movement of Web3. At the same time, Web APIs help provide reusable data and functionality for all types of applications and stimulate microservice development practices. So how do you reconcile these two paradigms? In many cases, a blockchain-based smart contract can request data updates […]