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What is the news that AWS has mentioned for 2023?

If you could not attend the Invent meeting at the end of last year, we will tell you the novelties that AWS prepared for 2023. So let’s get started: AWS Supply Chain: Created to somehow solve the problems that exist with the global supply chain. We know that Amazon has been in the market for […]

What is a multi-server environment? Benefits. What are they for?

A few days ago, we discussed some aspects related to cloud migration. Why migrate? What should we consider? Among other topics. We even talked about some servers. But… What is a multi-server environment? What benefits does it bring us? Why implement it? Does it apply to everyone? We are going to work on these questions […]

What is the best strategy to migrate to the cloud?

In another post, we talked about why to migrate to the cloud. This time we will talk about how to know which is the best strategy to migrate to the cloud.   The first thing that is recommended to do before migrating to the cloud is:   Select the right cloud infrastructure for your needs […]

Why migrate to the cloud?

If you have not yet decided to migrate your business to the cloud, then you are in the right place. Because today we are going to give you several reasons that will answer the famous question Why migrate to the cloud? Before we jump right into the why we want to explain: What is migrating […]

Positive Impact of DevOps/Agile Adoption and its Metrics

What is the positive impact of DevOps and Agile adoption on your project? What are those metrics? Suppose we were to use a sports inference to describe DevOps and Agile. In that case, they are a duo like Jordan and Pippen, Clements and Jeter, or in soccer terms, Messi and Suarez, (or Julian Alvarez), i.e., […]

Reinvent 2022 arrives in a few days, the long-awaited AWS conference

Amazon Web Service (AWS) will hold the highly anticipated Re: invent 2022. conference from November 28 to December 2. Why is it so expected? Because you all know that this conference is like going to a Coldplay concert, since it is one of the most anticipated for all those AWS customers and partners dedicated to […]

DevOps by 2023: What is expected?

It is a habit in any market to talk about tendencies on these dates, and the development of software and emergent technologies is no exception. For this reason, today we will be explaining what specialists say will happen to DevOps by 2023. What is expected? Let’s begin by recognizing the growth that DevOps technology has […]

How to create an ECS Service + ALB

Before you begin, confirm that you have the following tools, that we’ll need, ready to go: AWS CLI. Session Manager Plugin. In case you don’t have some of these, I’ve left the corresponding links to install them below. https://docs.aws.amazon.com/cli/latest/userguide/getting-started-install.html https://docs.aws.amazon.com/systems-manager/latest/userguide/session-manager-working-with-install-plugin.html IAM ROLE: We must create a role, in this case, we’ll be calling “ecsTaskExecutionRole”, it […]

What is the magic behind Kubernetes that still keeps it going?

Kubernetes is a platform that continues to be renewed. Its birth was in 2014, and Its latest version came out in 2022 and is called Combiner. But what is the magic behind Kubernetes that still keeps it current? For us, Kubernetes is the way to work with multiple containers in a friendly, optimal way and […]